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Ralph Pacillo has been actively selling homes for over fourteen years, throughout this time he has developed many skills and has gained copious experience and extensive knowledge of the Real Estate Industry which means he can offer you expert advice.

He is also a Practising Member of the Society of Auctioneers and Appraisers (S.A) Incorporated.

As an Award Winning Realtor and over 14 years of experience, Ralph can assure you that the team at LJ Hooker Flinders Park are a strong team that strive for nothing but excellence.

Under Ralph’s management, the LJ Hooker Flinders Park office won the Small Business Award in 1999, 2000 and 2005 and the Number 1 Office Sales for 2010, 2012 and 2013. He has also been awarded with numerous awards such as the Sales Excellence Award for 2007 & 2008 and the Number One Office Lister Award 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013. He guarantees a professional, honest and caring service and prides himself on delivering a friendly and honest approach to all of his clients.

Ralph firmly believes in LJ Hooker’s motto ‘nobody does it better’ so entrust your real estate with Ralph Pacillo and you will be thrilled with the results.


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  • Liveability Real Estate Specialist
    Liveability Real Estate Specialist

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If it wasn't for Ralph and his approach to customer care and service, we would consider other options.

Loi Nguyen

If it wasn't for Ralph and his approach to customer care and service, we would consider other options.

Hoa, Athelstone

Ralph Pacillo was very informative about the sales process and was always available to discuss anything I was not sure about. He gave me feedback after every open inspection and any prospective buyers and above all was not a pushy salesman.

Patty, Adelaide

As a vendor I wanted to find an agent whose first priority was achieving a good price for the property and an agent who would at all times act in the best intereset of the vendor. In Ralph Pacillo I believe I found that agent. I wanted to sell but only if I got a good price. The price that Ralph sold the property for exceeded my expectations. Also the agency commission was a reasonable percentage of the sale price. Ralph Pacillo's valuation of the property was realistic and coincided with what I thought the property was worth. With Ralph Pacillo at the helm the whole sales process was stress free and went so well and smoothly that what else can I say but well done Ralph. Even the contact I made with office staff went very well. The staff were very customer focussed and very pleasant and easy to deal with.Ralph Pacillo obviously knows how to select and train his staff. Ralph Pacillo always made himself readily available and always promptly responded to my telephone calls and emails. Based on my dealings with Ralph Pacillo I would recommend him to any vendor who is looking for an agent to sell a property.

Livio Vesnaver of Fulham Gardens.

If your l looking for an honest upfront trustworthy Agent then Ralph and the LJ Hooker Flinders Park Agency are the best if choice in SA

Roberto G Santucci, Kidman Park

My wife and I interviewed three local Real Estates to sell our Flinders Park home of 47 years. This was our first ever home-sale experience and fortunately we chose an excellent agent to represent us. The advice provided by Ralph covered such vital details, such as: How to present our house to maximum advantage, The current realistic Real Estate market situation, How best to advertise our house and its advantages, Who to employ as Conveyancer and The best plan of Sale Fotunately Ralph's skills at negotiating, assisted in a realistic pre-Auction offer that my wife and I were content with. Throughout we were impressed with Ralph's interpersonal skills. He was always friendly, presented his ideas with clarity and his humorous approach put us very much at ease. I felt having Ralph present at all open inspections, meant that no opportunities were lost to present our property well to prospective buyers. It also ensured security of our possessions. In summary, I am happy to recommend the Flinders Park LJ Hooker, its Principal Ralph Pacillo and competent staff to anyone seeking an excellent Agency to entrust with the sale of their property. Alan

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Josie and myself, for the great support and advice. We were new to selling, as well as buying and your help, friendliness and support was just great. With the advance of the years, I note with great sadness, that a lot of service has disappeared, especially from the Commercial field. So it was a pleasure to have your professional service, together with your amazing help and suggestions. It was a pleasure for us both. Should I be able, I will certainly recommend your good service for anyone considering purchasing or selling their property. Many thanks to you for a job well done! Ken

We Confidently recommend Ralph Pacillo to anyone considering Real Estate. After selling our home through Ralph, we were impressed by his easy, conversational approach without unnecessary pressure. His continual effort, promptness, attitude, effeciency and tolerance resulted in a quick and satisfactory sale. Beryl

My Awards

  • Liveability Real Estate Specialist - Sep 2014